Inspired by others the fedora nations JL

I see this posted on a person page someone I look up to who inspired me in a lot of things. I said I was going to quote this. this to me has more than just trump meaning. read into as you will. but to me it’s made me think about much more.

“”” I implore all of you. OPEN YOUR MINDS. Don’t let a pro or anti Trump image make you sick to your stomach. Observe the image for what it’s worth and how it moves you. If it moves you towards anger, turn that anger into proactive solutions. Be the difference you want to see occur. “””
quoted JL


I see posts every day. saying “I don’t want to see this I don’t want to see that” “it makes me sick” or “aww that’s beautiful”.
an image is that. it moves you. yes it make you feel sick. yes it makes you sad it could make you or someone happy. it could make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

but stop protesting of that you can’t change if you don’t like it. un follow it. delete the person posting it. or simply keep scrolling. or keep walking in real world..
if you can make a change for the better do it. help a person help an animal report a picture but do it open minded. do it where it will honestly count. to others .. not just you.

as a photographer I do it because I love what I do. I love capturing a moment in time, a scene, a person, a day or time that may not happen again. it could be that person gets taken but that picture lives on. It could be a childs birthday a wedding a portrait a car a day in someone’s life be it religious or just a day out. but when I take it or post it, its because it has meaning to me. to someone else or to others!

so be objective .. think about the bigger picture. not just that single minded person “YOU” that person shared it because to them they believed in it. it had meaning, it had an impact .. and think before you act comment or judge. every action has a reaction . good or bad.




one of our best weeks so far!

Well shocked out our weeks views we must be doing something right.

this week’s stats have gone way beyond what our personal best … we hit just over 3000 views this week with 1600+ on one day alone!

our new pages have had some amazing view counts and thats thanks to you all. liking, sharing and being kind enough to come along to view what we are doing.

please if you get a chance take a look around our site share it on any social media that you can .. we are always very grateful. and always willing to help others too.

it’s been another busy week for us too. we have been going mad with people contacting us . its amazing and we love it. .. keep it up people. your comments are always welcome ..

followers of falcon photographic

hi all my amazing followers please can i ask you to take a moment and go and like my new page,
I’ve been thinking for a while if to come away from the branding of falcon photographic and become ME again !! see the problem of being falcon photographic no one really knows who Adrian is and falcon photographic could be a collective of more than one photographer well todays been that day.

I took the plunge and started a new page it will be all the same as this one all be it a lot more frequent and a lot more of my work will be being posted on the blog side of the site

with more free links to download PS actions also more videos on how to do lighting set ups and how i created my images

so please if you can be kind enough to follow me here please be kind and go over to my new page Adrian Day Photography and meet the real me and hey you may get something for free if you keep following
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thank you to all who have been following me here

kind regards Adrian

Up and coming photoshoots!

Wow this weeks been amazing ! Lots of things coming together!

The website had been worked on and a few new pages added from model release forms and price lists that needed to pop up and stand out for our new clients !

Also this week we got 15 dresses come for photoshoots so lots we can do and create with out future shoots.

Also we are really looking forward to our wedding dress shoot! This is going to rock and I hope that it makes a statement! The dress is amazing it’s going to come as a shock but this shoot is going to wreck the dress and includes a shipwreck! We think this will make an impact! ¬†Will post one of the shots of the shipwreck below but the dress is a secret!!


This shot was one we took just a few days ago while scouting for a location for the above shoot!

Keep those eye out for the posts coming in the next week or so for images from this shoot!

Intill our next post remembered  one life one shot capture it!

Made the front page! Photojournalism here we come!

Today we hit the front page !
The front page of the the news paper !
It's the first time I've ever made the front page of anything and in a time where everything in the new is depressing with killings it's was great to cover the pages with something light and family fun !

Long story short !
Over the weekend there was a local carnival it's always fun and I was lucky enough to be free to shoot some digital stills of what was happening!
Well Monday morning. I got to editing and found that the images looked pretty good and thought why not see us these images as my foot in the door with the local new paper!
I sent in a number of images with the email and got a fast reply saying we love what we have see and want them as we couldn't get there to cover it and your work looks amazing !
And if I have more work send more !
So I sent in a few more just for good measure ! Not only of the carnival but also the sunrise from last week when the uk had beautiful weather!

Well today was the day that the news paper come out now I was thinking maybe a couple of images may get into the paper!
So off I went to the shop this Afternoon to get me a copy !! And was so shocked to find that the front page was a big picture of the carnival and it was one of mine!! Along with a turn to page blah blah for more images well I couldn't wait to look see if there was a couple of mine in there only to find that there was 8 images covering 2 pages and all of them my work !
Proud moment making front page and 2 pages what more could I ask for well after the shock of all the above couldn't be anything else so thought let's see what's happening in the rest of the paper and after just a few pages was greeted with a familiar sight of 3 more images of mine yes the sunrise images had also made the news too!!
Talk about shocking I was speechless honestly and those that know me will agree I'm never speechless haha!

It's looks like what ever we have changed in our work has really started making us stand out and couldn't be happier!
Will add a few images of the newspaper sorry not high quality images as took them on phone to show friends on social media

I hope my followers will think this is a great achievement the same as I do and a very proud moment for falcon photographic !!

Michaela J photo shoot! And new Bowens lighting mods 

This week we did a shoot with a new model really happy with the images that we got. Her smile and her eyes really added to the beauty of the the images

We was trying out some new lighting and set ups and some new Bowens lighting modifiers softboxes and beauty dishes! And have to say these have changed the look of my work a million % so we will let you be the judge of it with the pictures that we’ll post below! Take a look at our past posts and let us know if you think they look better your comments will be great for us to grow!

More work will be posted in the next few says too so keep eyes out for more posts and please follow us so you get notifications of our posts!



HEY HEY we all love a great instagram account we have been posting a lot of our work there lately and we think that we are posting some great images.
So if you have an instagram account and like what we are doing please go to the link below and hit that follow button and maybe even show our work some love!
what you will find with us is that we are constantly active every day and we always like those kind people who like our page in return its only fair to do the same in return thats the way i see it,
so please go over to our page and give out pages some loving we really want to hit the 2000 likes by the end of next week end

Images from the photo shoot with fantastic model Vineta

busy busy time right now at falcon photographic planning some new shoot
and putting together new videos to post up on our youtube channel,
we are very grateful to all our followers who have taken the time to look at what we are doing and also to like our post the more likes that we get the more that we will be posting
the likes help us work out what you’re finding useful or that you like what we are doing

please if you want to comment on our post please feel free to, we love to see those taking the time to look comment or pass by our page and interact

well as the title suggests here are a few images from the photo shoot with model  Vineta hope that you like what you see, a lot more will now be coming over the next few days


Hey there Guys and Girls
we are super happy to have launched a new section of falcon photographic. called Essex Boudoir Photography.
We have been doing a number of styles of shoots over the years and always come back to our Boudoir shoot.
this is something that we love and have found that our clients have also really loved, some of our best feedback has been from people that we have worked with on our boudoir shoots.

So with our Clients and our beautiful models in mind we have take a leap and opened a boudoir page. what does this mean well, this means that our clients can find us better and also see exactly what we can offer them, with out having to look through hundreds of images that are not relevant to what they are looking for, nothing worse the going to a page and seeing all types of image but the one  you want is a ten minute scroll away.

Also this means that everyone can see what we are able to offer and there will be new prices print options everything on our new page will be geared towards boudoir only.

We hope that you will all take the time to go along and check us out to see what we are doing .. please also give our page a follow we love to have new followers male or female
and if you’re interested in have one of our shoots we look forward to seeing you very soon

click here to go to our new Facebook page Essex boudoir
our new page will also be coming soon on this website so please follow us on our blog to see more of our work and our posts

for now remember one life one shot capture it.

How to create a simple Rembrandt style lighting

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be doing some lighting set ups.
In video’s and also showing you how to do them and what to look for while your at it.
and with any hope how to get as close to the look as possible.

This post is going to be about the look of Rembrandt lighting.
now there is a lot more to this than just putting a light up, putting a soft box on then just pointing and shooting.

I’ve created a diagram with a basic lighting set up and details that will be just below this post. to give you some idea of what your lighting should look like.

Rembrandt lighting setup

Now to the tech bit! and what to look for.
a little disclaimer by me. this is how I do it, it may not be the 100% right way but it gives a great effect,

I do this set up in 4 parts.
Stage 1
I have the model stand in the centre of the back drop about 3 Р4 ft from the back drop.  now I like using a white back drop a lot in my images. but this look I feel is best suited with a black back drop. or a 50% grey.  but anything works with this set up in theory as i add in a back light or rim light depending on back ground colour.

Stage 2
Now I set up the main light, I set this light to 1/2 power on a 300w flash head, using a 38 inch soft box with a diffusion panel over the front. on a tall light stand.
now I always look for the models best side before I place the light on a set side.
Once chosen, I place the light accordingly at 45 degrees to the subject. facing the light here will give a shadow to one side of the face. I then tilt the head of the flash down at about 45 degrees and lift the light until a shadow forms just under the nose and eye sockets.
if this has been done correctly you should see on the shadow side a triangle just under the eye this is what Rembrandt lighting is most famous for. and you’re nearly there depending on the light modifier being used this shadow / triangle could be a little harsh or soft depending on the size of light source ¬†relative to the subject.

Stage 3
now that we can see the triangle we need to bring out some of the detail in the shadow side of the face. this can be done using a second light or a simple reflector .. I normally go with the reflector option but if you use a light with a soft box, then I suggest that you start by putting the light at half the power of the main light. if you do it this way you still retain the Rembrandt look but you just bring out the details and soften the shadows on the shadow side.
the light or the reflector will need to be set at 45 degrees to the subject the same as the main light. this will take a little to get just right but by moving the fill up and down you will notice the changes in the shadows. this I tend to say is subject to taste because I personally don’t think there is 100% right way to fill this style of image.

Stage 4
now this will depend on the back drop and the look that you will want at the end.
we are all different when it comes to the background colour or effect ..
I like to place a light just behind the subject out of shot of the camera facing slightly up words towards the back drop this give a gradation to the background this again is subject to taste in that some like the gradation in the centre of the image some like it right behind the head. this is something I like to play about with depending on what look I want on the day.

when taking the shots of the subject the best result I find is shoot lens to nose or face on. this can be seen in the diagram.
I try to set my camera to around f8, ISO100 and with a 1/200 shutter speed. depending on the power of your lighting this could change up to f11
depending on the space you have you could even move the lighting further away but remember this can give harsher lighting or softer depending on the distance to subject.

give this a little try and see how you get on.. again this is my take on how I do this type of lighting .. it may not be right for others and I don’t claim to be a master of light.
but try this out and leave me a comment telling me how you got on.

for an added effect try using a colour gel on the rear light or turn the light towards the models back as a rim light to make them stand out.

I will be adding a video over the next few weeks to this post showing what I do and also will be posting images that I get when I do this lighting set up.
I hope you found this useful if so please follow this blog

YOUTUBE tutorials

I started creating some  test videos early this year and have been toying with the idea of creating photoshop starter editing tutorials for those just starting to use PS .

I’m not sure if this is something that will interest anyone on the blog but we posted another simple follow what we do video last night.
we have done this as a no music no voice over style post .. just a simple open and follow what sliders we change. .. to get the same but to your taste.

now we have new software for doing the HD desktop recordings we will be putting a number of short 3 – 5 min videos together and posting them up on the page to help others to get to grips with photo editing .. we all have to start somewhere so these will be simple.

please go along the this page >>> simple black white edit <<< follow us click the little bell so you can be informed when we post. oh and like what we do so we know its of a little help.
before you do just remember these are simple not advanced and just one way that you can do this and make it look respectable this isn’t the only way but will get anyone just starting out used to the controls.

the new videos in the coming days – weeks will have more content written and also voiced so this one is just a test but a start point.. give us time to get used to everything and will be helping you all create something a little different.

please also follow us on here we love to have new followers and will be posting a lot of our new work on here so you will see whats changing first.

Saal Digital Photo Booklet Review

Today, I have had the pleasure of reviewing another product from Saal.
I have had a few products from them and this product keeps up with the quality that I have come to know and trust from Saal Digital. The product that I’m going to be reviewing is the Photo Booklet, I have looked at this product on their site a few times but have always been creating portfolios for clients so always clicked away from it.

The order process is, as always pretty simple and within a few minutes the program that Saal use is downloaded and ready to start creating. Like with all products, you choose what you want and see the pricing as you go. I had a budget so I didn’t want to exceed that I also knew that there was a ¬£4.95 p&p charge so took that into account.
Looking through the sizes and orientation I was able to get a 13cm x 18cm booklet with 42 pages; I had a lot of images which were portrait so I got the portrait version of the book rather that the landscape one.
Now comes the simple part – I collected all my images ready and placed them in a folder for ease of access, then in the program I located the folder, used drag and drop to place each of the images onto the page that I wanted, then resized and moved on throughout the book. Due to the layout of the program, this didnt take long at all – infact it only took me about five minutes to complete all 42 pages.
This left me with just a few clicks to complete the purchase after checking the product, then by clicking through simple menus, putting in payment details and delivery address, the order was placed.

The order was placed on a Bank Holiday weekend so I was thinking it would take a week or so to arrive due to Royal Mail closure; but like all products ordered, you are kept informed of the delivery in advance by a progress email and within a few days the order was processed and dispatched- the order from placing to delivery took just 5 Days.
The booklet was delivered very well wrapped and safely packaged like all products I have ordered from Saal.
Upon opening the product, I was pleasantly suprised as the booklet had a solid plastic cover both front and back with a metal spring style binding holding all the pages between them.
The covers were a little different to what I was expecting but the qualit was pretty good for the price and made the booklets much stronger. I was expecting just a printed cover but this was a good added bonus to the outer finish.

The pages of the booklet are a little thin for my liking as the spring style binding may damage the pages over time, but the image print quality looked fantastic. The print is matt in finish but this worked for the style of image that was printed on them. Looking through the images I couldn’t fault them; there was great detail in the print, no sign of colour bleed or pixel issues (not that at the size printed there should be but i have known it to happen on prints from other companies).

As always, with anything I get printed, I open the files and look at each image in print and on the laptop screen to see if there is much difference. There is some difference in colour tone and some noticable banding on a few images that you can’t see on the originals but this could be down to the screen calibration more than the print quality.
All in all the images looked pretty close to that of the original images so I was very happy.
This is a great little booklet, I will be adding it to my product list for when I’m working with clients who just want some quality image prints but are working on a small budget. I’m sure that this could be a great little product that will sell well with a number of different applications from wedding images to family portraits or even for a nice set of holiday images.

I will be telling people about this product and I have already shown a few friends, made a few sales to which one of those is going to use it as show booklet to show clients what they can do for them. Pretty good idea in my book.

I’ve added a few images of the booklet with this review so you can see what it looked like and shows what I mean about the binding and quality.
If you like what we have created and want something like this from us please feel free to contact us at

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